What is the best bathroom heater

bathroom heater imageIt is certainly nice to take a warm and cosy shower on a cold freezing day of the winter. In fact, such showers help you stay fresh and boost up your energy in the morning so that you can work efficiently and effectively. Having a hot shower also helps your body to remain active and function properly.

However, there is one problem though. The worst part of taking a hot shower is when it ends. Surely, most of us, if not all, hate the moment when one has to get out of that warmed up cubicle or bathtub into the cold and chilling atmosphere of the bathroom. Wouldn’t it be nice if the entire bathroom was also warm and comfortable just like the shower?

Certainly, it would be very nice to have such an experience. The good news is that this is a dream that can come true given the technologies of the 21st century. You can easily use a heater in your bathroom to make it a comfortable experience for you when you just get out after having a bath.

However, today there a number of suppliers and manufacturers that offer a wide range of heaters that are tailored to suit the various needs of different people. Therefore, it is necessary to know what options are available to you so that you can consider each one and buy the heater that best meets your needs and desire.

Types of Bathroom Heaters

So now you know why it is important to have a heater for bathroom. Heaters for bathroom can add a bit of inexpensive luxury to your house and make your bathroom welcoming and aesthetically appealing. As mentioned earlier, there are a number of different types of bathroom heaters available.

However, bathroom heaters can be divided into two broad categories. One category is that which uses radiant heat to heat up the bathroom and another category is of the forced air heat. Heaters that use radiant heat have light bulbs or electric coils that warm up the room while heaters with forced air heat literally blow hot air out into the room to make it warm. Below is the list and details of most of the heaters that you can use according to your needs within these two broad categories.

Bathroom Fan Heater

A bathroom heater fan can really add to your bathroom by giving it a beautiful and luxurious look along with heating up the bathroom quite well. A bathroom fan heater is essentially an exhaust fan or a bathroom fan with heater facility in it. They come in both radiant heat and forced air heat options.

Bathroom fan heaters can be a bit expensive, however, it really depends upon the features of a fan heater. They are best if you do not have an exhaust already installed in your bathroom. There are again various types of fan heaters.

Remote Single Fan heater

A remote single fan heater, as the name suggests, is a fan heater that can be controlled using a remote control.

Hardwired Dual Fan Heater

This type of fan heater comes with tungsten halogen infra-red heating lamps that can be mounted on down lights so that the light can be directed where you want it thus saving you some energy as well.

Bathroom Wall Heaters

Bathroom Heaters wall mounted are heaters that can be installed on a wall of the bathroom. Wall heaters for bathroom are also known as panel heaters that can be fitted into a unit so that they look a part of the bathroom, otherwise, they might give an appearance of an outgrowth.

Bathroom Ceiling Heaters

A ceiling mounted bathroom heater can be the best bathroom space heater since this type of heater can be attached to the ceiling thus allowing you more floor space and space along the counters. Not only it is a best space heater for bathroom, but it is also very safe and secure since it is out of the reach of children due its being attached to the ceiling high above.

A bathroom ceiling heater is more suitable for people who want a permanent heating facility installed in their bathrooms and are not moving out quite often such as renters.

Electric Bathroom Heaters

Electric Bathroom Wall heaters are just another type of wall mounted heaters that use electricity and can be installed onto any wall of your bathroom. They are generally safe and very energy-efficient. They are safe because they are usually far away from the bathtub or cubicle therefore reducing the risk of electrocution if something goes wrong with the heater. Electric wall heaters for bathrooms are highly recommended for small to medium sized bathrooms.

Infrared Bathroom Heaters

Infra-red bathroom heater is one of its kind. As the name suggests, this type of heater uses infra-red radiations to heat up your room. This means you get the direct infra-red radiation in your bathroom that you get from the sun outside.

These are also generally safe and secure. Moreover, they cost very less in terms of the operating costs. This is because they use infra-red radiations to heat up the room rather than electricity or gas. They can also be a very suitable option for those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder.

The heaters also come in models that can be mounted on the wall and hence there is an option of purchasing infra-red bathroom heaters wall-mounted. This gives you the added advantage of a simple wall heater as well.

Portable Bathroom Heaters

Portable bathroom heaters are the most suitable choice for those who are renting a house and therefore do not own the house. These type of heaters are very cheap and safe. Also, they usually come with an ALCI plug that has buttons which makes the heater a safer option as the plug prevents the heater from getting overheated.

Bathroom Light Heater

A Bathroom Heater Light is perhaps the one of the top solutions if you want to save space in your bathroom and yet have a number of facilities installed in one place. A Bathroom Light Heater lets you do just that.

Again, as the name suggests, the heater uses light bulbs to heat up the bathroom while also producing bright light. Also, these heaters come with an exhaust fan pre-installed into the one device which means with one device installed in a small space can give the luxury of a heater, an exhaust fan and lightning.

Bathroom Heater Brands

Having such a vast array of different types of heaters, it is sometimes difficult to know as to from which manufacturer should one buy a heater of one’s choice. Although there are a number of brands available that supply bathroom heaters, below are the two most well-known brands that you can find.

Dimplex Bathroom Heaters

Dimplex is a well-known Irish company that supplies consumer electrical goods. You can find various bathroom heaters from this brand online through websites such as Amazon or eBay.

Holmes Bathroom Heaters

Holmes is a similar company like that of Dimplex and supplies a huge range of heating facilities. In fact, you can find bathroom heaters that have timers installed in them. These bathroom heaters with timer enable you to set a time that is enough to heat up the room before you can get in and take a bath. So you have the ease of actually taking a bath in a comfortable pre-heated environment.