Broan Model 112 Kickspace Heater with Built-In Thermostat, White Review

Product Details:

Broan-NuTone 112 With Built-In Thermostat is one of the finest heating options currently available in the industry. It is a sleek, slim trim and compact heater but from the outside but internally a very powerful machine. It is perfect option for smaller homes because it can be fitted at a variety of spaces such as vanity bases, stairways or an area where limited space is available. It is also ideal for small commercial applications especially where ducting isn’t possible such as checkout counters and ticket/toll booths. This steel-sheathed, heavy-duty, plate-finned heater can easily convert to 750W or 1500W at 120V. Like all Kickspace heaters, this one is also equipped with built-in thermostat and a low profile design ensures that it offers floor-level heat from a distant location.


  • Supports 1500 watt at 240VAC and converts to 750W or 1500W at 120V
  • Elegant white grille gels well with all kinds of interiors
  • Steel-sheathe
  • Plate-finned
  • Heavy duty heating element
  • Ideal option for cabinet kickspaces, stairways, vanity bases
  • Perfect for small areas
  • Front located adjustable thermostat to maintain required temperature
  • To disperse heat evenly the heater has vertical louvers
  • Optimum security ensured with UL listing

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The Pros:

  • The durability of this heater is ensured by its elegant White grille having baked enamel finish and one-piece design
  • This heater disperses heat evenly through its vertical louvers. The heat spreads across the width of the white grille
  • It is very easy to control heat level through the built-in front mounted thermostat
  • The heater has an efficient steel-sheathed, plate-finned heating element due to which warm up time gets minimized and you get a comfortable indoor environment within seconds.
  • If you want a good nighttime sleep then this heater is great because it performs silent operation
  • Safety wise this heater is perfect for being used where kids or pets are present as its automatic motor shutoff feature prevents overheating
  • Optimal warmth is acquired by the transverse blower that circulates heated air effectively
  • This heater is so slim and sleek that you can easily use it anywhere

The Cons:

  • The procedure of voltage conversion is somewhat confusing
  • It isn’t suitable for larger areas and one would need an additional heating device in order to thoroughly warm up the room
  • Although it is marketed as a silent operator but in reality the heater makes considerable amount of noise
  • Absence of instructions manual is something that users find extremely troublesome
  • This heater is designed in a way that it can only be used and installed in an enclosed area like a kickspace or counter


Heater Type Fan-Forced Wall
Air Mover Type Fan
BTU/hr at 240 Volts 5120 BTU/hr
Grille Dimensions - Height 3-5/8"
Grille Dimensions - Width 19-1/4"
Housing Dimensions - Height 3-5/8"
Housing Dimensions - Width 18"
Housing Material Steel
Housing Finish White
Watts and Amps at 240 Volts 1500 Watts and 6.25 Amps
Controls Built In Thermostat
Portable No
Thermostat Yes



This heater has been wired by-default for 240/280V.A.C operation and offers a range of heat outputs. You may internally connect this with multiple wattages at different voltages. To install it you need to mark the preferred mounting location in the base plate and remove the needed material in order to insert and remove the heater cabinet easily. Secure the unit in place using screws via the side angle support brackets. You must provide sufficient material behind single angle support so that the unit remains mounted securely. Using the wire tie you can secure wire leads to avoid their interference with the heater’s operation. You must first make sure about the voltage that the equipment requires by referring to the rating plate, specification table and unit wiring diagram present in the instructions manual.


In order to keep the heater in tip-top condition you must perform periodic maintenance by cleaning the front grille and housing. To do this, simply remove the angle support screws present on the two sides and slide the heating element out. Also, don’t forget to remove the top cover for accessing the blower housing.

The Conclusion

If you are looking for a floor-level heating option for an enclosed space then you can count on this heater. It has been designed exclusively for being mounted at smallest of areas such as cabinets or kickspaces because it just offers floor-level warmth. The unit is reliable and durable plus the white grille makes it highly elegant and perfect for indoor usage.

Frequently asked questions

  1. You will have to add wiring. It only comes with 2 feet at most
  2. It doesn't come with wiring you have to supply your own.
  3. This model does not have any external wiring, this unit is to be wired directly as you would wire up exhaust fan or any other appliance
  4. The heater wiring does not extend to the outside of the heater. You would need to have your electrician bring the house wiring into the heater and splice it inside the heater splice box. The splice box is located under the top cover of the heater.
  5. There are no wires coming from the heater, wires need to be run to the heater. I would sugest running the heater on a separate circuit.
  6. This is made to be hard wired. You need to provide the wiring.
  1. full specs on the broan website.
  2. Height 3 5/8" Housing Dimensions - Width 18" And I believe it's a foot deep
  3. Don't bother it's a piece of junk.
  4. I have had my Broan installed so I cannot access it for actual dimensions. It was a replacement. I own a total of 4 Broan in two homes and they work wonderfully if installed properly - one wasn't thus the replacement. My only suggestion is to hard wire it to a light switch on the wall for convenience. I would recommend this product.
  1. It's a 1500 watt heater, that works out to about 85 btu/minute
  2. Multiply the wattage by 3.412 to convert watts to btu's. At 1500 watts, you get 5118 btu's. You would need a 2000 watt heater to get 7000 btu's.
  3. The 240 Volt at 1500 Watts delivers 5120 BTU/HR The 120 Volt at 1500 Watts delivers 5120 BTU/HR
  4. This is only rated for 1500 watts. I don't think you will find one at 7000 watts, because most household circuits are rated for only 3850 watts, unless your doing something commercially then I wouldn't know the answer. These heaters are designed to go under the kitchen cabinet in the toe kick area. Hope this helps.
  5. This space heater has 1500 watts. I looked up the conversion on the internet for you and it converts to 5118 btu's.
  1. Yes. It can be mounted both ways. You might want to add a timer which is available as an option.
  2. yes, there is no reason why you cannot, the only moving part is the fan everything else is fixed in place with no movement
  3. No, it cannot be mounted vertically.
  4. No, it cannot be mounted vertically.Do not install heater upside down or sideways. Heater must be located in the horizontal position.

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