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Best tankless water heater reviews 2015

Best tankless water heater reviews 2015

We have taken the time and the trouble to provide you the best tankless water heaters reviews so you can look through their specifications and ratings to make a comparison between models before you buy one.

Electric tankless water heater reviews 2015

The electric tankless water heater is an extremely convenient, space saving design that allows the user to simply install the heater in their bathrooms or kitchens easily. The tankless heater heats up water as it passes through, and as such needs access to an electrical connection as well as the water lines. The electric model has become hugely popular in the past for people who are looking for a convenient design as well as a small scale heater which they won’t be using often. The good thing about this heater is that you can easily select the temperature at which you wish to get the water heated through a digital meter, and you can simply shut it off when it’s not in use. This not only allows you to save space but also ensures that energy is conserved. This is an excellent choice for most homes.

Natural gas tankless water heater reviews 2015

If you do not want to expend a great deal of electricity in heating up your home, the gas tankless water heater is an excellent choice. Whereas conventional water heaters are placed in one corner of your house, the gas model can be placed in any bathroom or kitchen. Gas is slightly cheaper, and provides maximum usability. However, it can only be connected to taps and water outlets within one room; it can’t cater to the whole household. These are small water heaters, and not to be used for heavy duty purposes.

However, the gas type is an excellent choice for those who travel in a RV and are looking for a good quality, space saving model. All you need is a gas cylinder, and you are good to go!

Propane tankless water heater reviews 2015

The propane tankess water heater, as the name clearly suggests, is fueled by propane. The propane heats up the water inside the heater and sends it out via another channel. These water heaters are extremely convenient and can easily be placed in a room’s bathroom or kitchen. However, since these are tankless by design, you can’t expect them to provide heating throughout your household. As a result, the propane tankless water heater can only be used within a specific area. The good thing about these water heaters is that they are easy to install and remove, and don’t require a lot of maintenance. However, you will have to install a propane tank in order to power up this heater, which is not something that most people are willing to register as an added expense. This is a great choice for those who travel or live in a RV, especially because of its space saving design.

Point of use tankless water heater reviews 2015

Point of Use heaters provide a water heating solution for a single appliance of your place of residence. They can be used to provide dedicated hot water to an washing machine or a single shower, or perhaps a small bathroom. They are useful in offsetting the wait time and cold sandwich effect experienced when too many areas are using the water heater at the same time, and an area of your house that constantly requires a hot water supply suffers as a result. They are not suitable for providing an all purpose heating solution for your entire home.

Whole house tankless water heater reviews 2015

Whole House tankless water heaters provide a central water heating solution for your entire home. They are usually place in a central location in order to provide hot water to all areas of your home. They are usually quite large, and so will require a fair amount of space to fit into. However, whole house model often limit the amount of hot water you can use. Using water at too many points at once can result in a “cold sandwich effect”, and wait times whilst using this kind of water heater will be longer compared to if that area of your house was using a point of use model, which would provide hot water to that specific point of use much more quickly.

Portable tankless water heater reviews 2015

Portable tankless water heaters are generally used to provide heating solutions while not at home. This makes it perfect for campers or people going on a long trip. It is also useful to fit into recreational vehicles, so as to provide a constant source of hot water on the go. It can also be used to provide an outdoor heating solution, such as when installing a shower system next to your swimming pool. This will allow you to wash the chlorine off of your body after a swim with a hot shower, which is really useful in cooler weather.


Rheem is one of the most popular brands in the market, providing a range of different options. Rheem manufactures tankless as well as boilers, along with heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. Rheem has its outlets throughout the United States, along with Mexico, Australia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar as well as a host of other countries. The Rheem tankless water heaters are available in a number of different variants, hence providing customers with a lot of choices. These are reliable, good quality water heaters, and repair facilities are also quite commonly available throughout the countries.


EcoSmart is involved in the production of clean and green technology, and the company’s main emphasis resides on providing water heaters that make use of environmentally friendly technology. The company makes use of its patented self-modulating technology in order to provide customers with maximum savings on their water heating bill. EcoSmart is a very popular company, and has been known to provide a range of different options in terms of its ecosmart tankless water heaters to customers. The options available are both cheap and affordable, and also help to save a lot of money in the long run on the heating bill.


Another famous company that manufactures water heaters is EccoTemp. EccoTemp water heaters are tankless, and are known to be highly efficient. The company has a very minimalistic white colored design, and these water heaters can easily be hung or mounted on the walls. The models provided by EccoTemp are not only practical and affordable, but they are also very efficient in terms of their heating and consumption. The company has an excellent online store which allows you to purchase the water heater over the internet and have it delivered to you! EccoTemp is an excellent choice for many consumers!


The Takagi tankless water heaters are designed to provide durability, safety and convenience in one affordable and sturdy package. Takagi is one of the most popular companies in the world at present that manufactures tankless heaters, and for good reason too. The company has built itself up as being one of the most efficient and reliable producers, and has become significantly popular because of its pricing plans. Takagi models are available in a number of different models, and can easily be mounted on the walls using the special grips that the company provides out of the box.


The Atmor tankless water heaters are reliable, sturdy and very easy to install. The company has built itself up as being a highly reliable water heater supplier, and specializes primarily in the manufacture of tankless systems. The Atmor systems are considered to be some of the best in the market, mainly because of the convenient that they provide in terms of installation. For those who are new to the tankless water heating industry, going for an Atmor model is an excellent choice, since they come with a number of added options and controls that make the whole heating process extremely convenient.


The Rinnai tankless Water Heaters is a revolutionary new line of products that has made some major waves in the water heating world. These models are virtually noiseless which is a problem often noted with others. They are very reasonably priced, being only two or three hundred dollars more expensive than a gas heater, an amount easily recovered in no time considering the money saved on gas, as they all have an energy efficiency quotient in the high 90s.

Stiebel Eltron

Stiebel Eltron is the pioneer of tankless water heaters, heaters that run on renewable energy and energy saving heaters. They offer dedicated energy efficient options for their entire product line, so that average consumer don’t hesitate from buying heaters due to massive electricity bills.

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