Best Heater Brands


Lasko is one of the prominent brands that was started way back in the year 1906 by Mr. Henry Lasko. The company which was originally started in Philadelphia grew big in a short span of time and expanded to other regions including Texas and Tennessee. Known to manufacture and supply some of the best and high quality appliances and portable household heaters, the company has gone places over the years. Lasko products are not just popular in the United States alone but all over the world. It comes across as an industry leader when it comes to manufacturing ceramic heaters, fans and other essential home appliances.


Delonghi is an international brand that is known to provide for some excellent range of household appliances which includes extensive range of kitchen appliances like low oil fryer, deep fryers, toasters, grills, kettles and much more. Their products include ironing appliances, floor cleaning, air conditioning, air treatment and portable heating system. The brand is popular all over the world for its excellent range of collections when it comes to home appliances.


Vornado started off in the early 1920s when Ralph K. Odor wanted to invent high efficiency propeller planes. He designed it for delivering exceptional performance and service. Later, he realized that his successful and patented technology has got the capability to bring about a huge change to the ordinary electric fans that were known to be popular at that time. His technology provided for better air circulation and was considered to be a game changer. After facing several hurdles and hardships, the Vornado fans were released in the 1940s with much success. The brand then established its company in Kansas and has come up with several other useful household products so far. Its products include air circulators, purifiers, heaters, steamers and humidifiers.

Lifesmart od Lifepro

Lifesmart is one of the most prominent suppliers to some popular retailers in the United States and other countries across the world. It supplies innovative and top notch household appliances to popular brands like Lifesmart, Source Network and Source Green brands. . The company is located in the North Dallas region of Texas. The brand that was found in the year 2007 has achieved great success in a short span of time. Known for its high end and innovative heaters which includes infrared saunas, fans, hot tubs and more, Lifesmart is definitely the best brand you can find.


Soleus is one of the popular suppliers of fans, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, heaters and spare parts. Soleus does not sell the product directly and supplies products to wholesalers and retailers across the world. The supplier has been an industry leader in the manufacturing of several electronic products for several years now.


Honeywell turns out to be one of the most prominent and well known brands that were established in the year 1885. For the past several years, the brand has been able to deliver innovative and exceptional range of products touching upon several spheres of life. The name Honeywell for the brand came about in the year 1904 from a young engineer, Mark Honeywell who developed heat generator. The company became one of the well known brands with regard to hot water heat generators. Currently, Honeywell has got its headquarters in Morris Township, New Jersey. It is now known to operate successfully in China, India, Asia Pacific and Europe as well.


The Econo heat company was founded in one fine day in August 1990 by the father-son duo Rod and Russell Davis. They were the ones to invent the Wall panel heater which became instantly popular. The company has its headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa. Econo heat has evolved over the years and currently is known to supply some of the best products in the electronic industry. Known for its creative and innovative initiatives, the company came up with the Principles and Practices of Lean Manufacturing in the year 2007. This initiative is to increase productivity and to bring down wastes to considerable extent.


Holmes is a topnotch brand that provides for various kind of home appliance and electronic products. The brand has been popular for several years now and stands out for its creativeness and innovation. You will find a wide range of products to choose under each of the category which includes filters, air purifiers, humidifiers, fans, heaters and more. Under Heaters, you will be able to find smart heater, ceramic heaters, convection heaters, console heaters and forced air heaters fans.

Dr Infrared Heater

Dr. Infrared Heater happens to be one of the most prominent heaters that is known to have high tech features that would heat the space perfectly. The best thing about the brand is that it turns out to be energy efficient as well. The heater would not just heat the space but the objects found in the surrounding. It needs to be understood that when just the surrounding air gets heated up, the warmth would not stay for long. Instead, if the objects are heated, it would reflect all over the place keeping the place warm and comfortable. The heater does not strip the moisture in the room and is known to be safe to use. The blower provides for 250°F at 3.5m/s of the room temperature.


Optimus turns out to be one of the top notch brands that is known to manufacture a whole range of electronic products which includes electric fan, industrial fans, electric heaters, industrial heaters, outdoor heaters, shavers, humidifiers, vacuum cleaner parts and air purifiers. The brad has been providing exceptional range of heaters for commercial as well as domestic use.


Pelonis is one of the first and foremost brands that came up with highly creative heating system way back n 1980s. The research and development wing of the company founded the ceramic disc furnace that would help keep the entire area warm and comfortable all along. Committed to provide safe, comfortable and energy efficiency heating solution, the brand has been the best in terms of performance and reliability factors. Pelonis is one of the first brands to introduce ceramic heating which revolutionized the whole space of heaters. Today, Pelonis provides for a whole range of products including radiant heaters, cooling fans, disc furnaces, oil filled heaters, ceramic heaters and fan forced heaters.


Patton is one of the hot and happening brands that is known to sell some extensive range of fans and heaters globally. Their high velocity fans and utility heaters are the best in the industry. Patton has been operating quite successfully for the past several years now and it is built in order to work under rough and rugged environment. The fans are designed for garages, workshops and other such areas. Known to be highly durable, the brand is able to offer absolute comfort to users. It employs latest and advanced technology that enables one to get the best sort of user experience. The controlled velocity technology of Patton is quite popular and is known to be highly effective.


The company, though was founded only recently, turns out to be highly popular in the heating space. The brand provides for an extensive range of fire products including fire logs, fire starters, matches, lighters, charcoals and other such products. The brand has established itself as a safe and reliable one across the United States. You can find a whole lot of information about the products in its official website. Recently, Duraflame has come up with instant lighting charcoal for users.


Cadet found its form as a family based business 57 years back and has now grown to be a huge brand that is popular all over the world. The brand was founded by Dick Anderson in the United States. The company was created with the intention to provide energy efficient and affordable heating solution for one and all. All of the products from the brand is highly popular. Known to manufacture some of the best heaters in the industry, they provide for wall heaters, baseboard heaters, garage heaters and thermostat.

King Electric

The King Electric Manufacturing company is one of the most popular brands across the United States that provides for a whole new range of heating solution. All of the products of the brand turns out to be safe, reliable and durable. The company sells a wide range of heating product which includes electric heaters, heating cables, furnaces, hydronic heaters, heating cables and much more. Its portable range of heaters is quite popular on the global level.


Fahrenheat is a top notch retail store that is known to sell heating products manufactured by Marley Engineered Products. The research and product development unit of the company is located in the South Carolina region of the United States. Marley Engineered Products scores in terms of quality and reliability and t is a ISO 9001: 2008 registered company. The company has got exceptional stand in terms of quality and maintains a smooth relation with several safety regulatory agencies.


The prominent brand is known to manufacture its product in Marley Engineered Product in the Bennettsville, South Carolina. The brand has spread its wings all throughout the United States and it strives to provide simplified solution for complex world. The company found its form when it started in the year 1922. It was initially known as Power Plant Equipment Company and later in 1926 became Marley company. The Marley Heating company was formed as a result of the joining together of QMark, Berko and Fahrenheat.


QMark is a popular brand that sells products of Marley Engineered Product that is located in Bennettsville, South Carolina. They provide for some of the best and finest heater and ventilation products. It includes freeze protection heaters, toe space heaters, baseboard heaters, portable infrared heaters and washdown heating. Its ventilation products include air circulators, ceiling fans, electric heated air curtains and much more. The products from the brand are designed with energy efficiency in mind as they are known to consume lesser energy.


Baseboarders is a wing of Buss General Partner Co.Ltd that was found in the year 2002. Though the brand happens to be one of the recently found ones, it enjoys a great deal of popularity and reverence all over the world. The company is located in the outer region of Vancouver BC. The company was named as one of the fastest growing company and it offers the best kind of heating solution for one and all.


The Lux company was found as The Lux Clock Manufacturing Company began in 1914. The brand derived this name from one of its founder, Paul Lux. The founder worked in the Waterbury Clock Company of Connecticut and decided to find a company of his own along with wife and son. The company has evolved a great deal over the years and it is now known to hae its new headquarters located in Navy Yard in Philadelphia, PA. The company was recently acquired by Edwin McAuley Electronics (EME).


Dimplex is North American company that provides for an extensive range of heating products. The brand is known to be a leader in electric heating facility and it offers some exceptional residential, commercial and industrial heating products. Known to be a member of the Glen Dimplex Group of Companies found in Dublin, Ireland, the brand is one of the best when it comes to commercial and domestic heating solutions


Newair started off as a small company that offers some high end home appliances, heaters and air quality control products. It is a family owned business that was started in the year 2002 and has started to grow successfully ever since. It is one of the most sought after brands these days as it is known to provide exceptional quality products for best rates. The brands air conditioners, wine coolers and ice makers are quite popular.


Founded in the year 1949, the brand has grown bigger in terms of reputation over the years, They are known to be the largest manufacturers of baseboard heating equipments in America. The brand also tops when it comes to the manufacturing of gas and oil boilers. The company provides for some exceptional range of gas boilers, oil boilers, residential boilers, commercial boilers and high efficiency boilers. The brand is not just popular in the United States alone but is known to be widely used across Canada and other parts of the world. The boilers are known to be safe to use, reliable and come with some advanced features.