Home Energy Audit

AEnergyCheck home energy audit will help you determine where your house is losing energy and find you a solution to these kind of problems to make your home more energy efficient.

This is the first step in identifying areas where you are wasting energy and money. The evaluation performed by the contractor will reveal the improvements you can make in order to save up to 30% of your energy bill!

The contractor know as an energy auditor will give your home a checkup. You can also do some of the steps yourself.

Home Performance with Energy Star is a program of the Earthways Center of the Missouri Botanical Garden, with partners like Laclede Gas, Missouri Department of Economic Development, and US Department of Energy.

 The technician will test for:

  • Health and safety check (carbon monoxide levels, moisture, and indoor air quality problems)
  • Overall comfort level (cold/hot spots, indoor air quality stuffiness/stale odors)
  • Air sealing opportunities
  • Insulation levels
  • Domestic hot water heater system efficiency
  • Space Heating system efficiency
  • Cooling system/central air conditioning efficiency, if applicable

You can watch the following video to get an idea on what you can expect during an home energy audit.