Patio Heaters

There has been a recent surge in popularity regarding heating products know as “Patio Heaters”. These patio heaters are intended for outdoor use, and are extremely popular with commercial locations that offer outdoor seating for customers.

Patio heaters generally run on propane, kerosene or natural gas. Propane heaters are generally the most easily manageable, as their portable propane tank allows them to be positioned anywhere. Natural gas patio heaters are, in this way, more restrictive than propane heaters in where they can be placed, but they provide the benefit of a constant supply of fuel, something which is not true in the case of propane heaters which will need their fuel to be regularly topped up. If you are using a propane heater, it is recommended that you buy new tanks rather than refilling your used ones, as empty tanks can often be exchanged for new ones at discounted prices.

Patio heaters that run on combustible fuels are often considered environmentally unfriendly, as they produce a large amount of carbon dioxide. In light of this, several people have opted to use patio heaters that run on electricity. Electric powered patio heaters often disperse heat via infrared radiation, which makes them less efficient than gas heaters at heating large spaces, and so should preferably used to heat smaller spaces in order to use them to their maximum efficiency. These heaters also require a constant supply of electricity, so they need to be placed close to power outlets.

Patio heaters come in several shapes and sizes, so it is easy to find one that suits your particular needs. Tabletop and free standing patio heaters are the two most common types, and most patio heaters come with a built in “tilt switch” that will ensure that, if your patio heater tilts to more than a certain degree, it will be automatically shut down. This prevents fire hazards caused by falling heaters. It should be noted that patio heaters should ideally be placed on solid ground, such as concrete, rather than unstable ground such as grass.